Follow the progress of the Georgian Papers Programme in the news. Below is a collection of current and past stories about the project:

The Royal Archives Reveals the Hidden Genius Behind George III’s “Madness”
Smithsonian Magazine
January 30, 2017

As the Queen Releases Archived Secrets, 5 Things to Know About the ‘Mad’ King Who Lost America
January 28, 2017

First batch of royal Georgian papers released
William & Mary News
January 27, 2017

The Georgian Papers Programme: Opening Up the Royal Archives
January 27, 2017

Mad or misunderstood? As the Queen opens her secret archive for the first time, ROBERT HARDMAN is given exclusive access to astonishing revelations about the real George III
Daily Mail UK
January 27, 2017

Royal Archives opened to shed light on reign of King George III
Times Higher Education
January 28, 2017

With W&M assist, a royal archive goes online
Richmond Times-Dispatch
January 27, 2017

Second thoughts George III: online project could alter view of king
The Guardian
January 27, 2017

Queen to reveal intimate papers that promise to shed new light on Royal Family history
Express UK
January 28, 2017

The Ageing Spy Who Saved George III
The Times UK
January 28, 2017

The Greatness of King George: royal archives prove monarch was ‘not a nincompoop’
The Telegraph
January 14, 2017

Now We’ll Finally Get to See the American Revolution Through the Eyes of King George
Smithsonian Magazine
November 10, 2016

King George III’s private papers to go online
BBC News
April 2015